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Distance Measurement Radar

iSYS-6030 Radar System

Product family: 60GHz Distance Measurement System (successor product for iSYS-6003 with extended functionality)
Applications: Level Measurement, Collision Avoidance, Industrial Applications, Robotics, Distance Control, Precrash Alarm
Functions: Distance, Presence
The 60 GHz radar system offers precise distance measurement of stationary or slow moving targets – even under extreme conditions. The iSYS-6030 operates in harsh or difficult environments reliably and works also for outdoor and indoor applications. The output of the sensor can be configured by the user, e.g. by limiting the range or filtering results by signal strength. The system has four digital programmable outputs which can be used as a trigger for technical functions or warning signals. The focused radar beam and functionality of the product is specially designed for two fields of industrial distance measurement: contactless level determination and collision avoidance.


  • continuous distance measurement with millimeter accuracy
  • works under challenging conditions: extreme temperature, humidity, foam formation, dirt, or dust do not impact the measurement result
  • detects various materials (liquids, bulk materials, powders, and pastes)


Frequency: FMCW radar working from 60GHz to 64GHz
Systemlevel: includes a digital processing unit to output a target list via UART
Measurement: distance & presence of slow moving or stationary objects
Detection Range: 0,10 to 40m
Field of View: 6°x6°
Outline Dimensions: 50x50x47mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: software package, product brochure collision avoidance, product brochure level measurement


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Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division
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