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IMD-1100 - Radar Sensor

Product Family: InnoSenT Motion Detector
Applications: Motion detection, presence detection, speed measurement, security applications, building automation
Functions: Motion, Velocity, Direction
The new radar module IMD-1100 is the smallest product available in InnoSenTs portfolio. It can be easily placed behind various cover materials and mounted in applications with minimal space. Despite its tiny format, it offers more than simple motion detection. The 24GHz sensor detects moving objects or people and also measures their travelling speed. It also recognizes the direction of movements thanks to using the output with IF I-/Q-channel measurement method. The product can be used for various motion sensing applications like alarm systems, light control, door opener or smart home devices. It is fit for pick&place production lines and will be delivered in single packages as bulk material.
All these functionalities will be offered to an unbeatable price: The IMD-1100 is the solution of clever design development, production efficiency and years of radar experience. Its features make the product to a welcome alternative for the high-volume market of cheap and simple PIR and 10GHz applications. Of course, the product will be available in usual InnoSenT Quality and made in Germany.
The IMD-1100 is part of the InnoSenT Motion Detection series, which offers low-cost products combining small design with additional features to improve the performance and efficiency of motion detection.


  • uses IF I-/Q-signal-channels for determining movement direction
  • speed measurement possible
  • worldwide certification with only one module - no product variants needed
  • radar with the smallest outline dimensions available in InnoSent portfolio


Frequency: CW radar working in 24GHz ISM-band
Systemlevel: radar frontend without signal processing unit
Measurement: velocity, movement and direction of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 15m (person)
Field of View: 72°x36°
Outline Dimensions: 20x15x2.7mm
Approvals: RED & FCC certifiable
Supporting Material: datasheet


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