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Product family: 24GHz Radar Barrier
Applications: Presence Detector, Intruder Alarm, Radar Barrier, Perimeter Protection, Security Applications
Functions: Presence

The IPB-916 is InnoSenTs radar-based barrier for security applications and consists of a Transmitter (IPT-916) and a Receiver module (IPR-917). Radar barriers are like an invisible guard that recognises presence within a narrow, but long detection beam (like a tunnel). They are often combined with physical barriers like walls or fences and are placed in front of properties, or entrances like an invisible curtain. The radar barrier sends continuously radar signals. If an intruder enters the detection zone, the signal is interrupted and the target being noticed, and an alarm can be sent. Due to the advantages of radar technology like weather resistance and light condition independency, radar detection fits perfectly for outdoor and security applications.

The 24GHz radar barrier detects reliably any presence of moving or stationary objects. The antenna design features a narrow beam pattern in order to achieve a straight and stretched field of view for a focussed radar detection. InnoSenT designed the product to be scalable without interferences. It covers up to 300m of range. The product is equipped with a RF Pre-Amplifier for highest sensitivity. Our engineers also realized a high frequency stability and a low phase noise for best possible radar performance.

The IPB-916 consists of two product parts, a Transmitter (IPT-916) and a Receiver (IPR-917). Users can set the output power of the TX Module by selecting between two levels (FCC, ETSI). It is also possible to program the transmit frequency: The ASK Modulation of the transmitter part can be adjusted up to 26kHz.

The product can be used worldwide without the need of different frequency versions. Thanks to its compact design and the radiation through various materials, it also can be placed behind a plastic cover or can be integrated in consisting infrastructures.


  • 24GHz radar barrier consisting of TX and RX Module
  • Reliable Presence Detection of moving or stationary objects
  • Scalable without interference
  • Focused and narrow beam pattern
  • High frequency stability and low phase noise
  • Two selectable output power levels (Tx Module)
  • Integrated RF Pre-Amplifier
  • Programmable transmit frequency: ASK modulation of transmitter up to 26kHz
  • Long detection range up to 300m
  • Compact Design and invisible integration behind plastic cover possible


Frequency: ASK radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
Systemlevel: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: Presence of moving or stationary objects
Detection Range: up to 300m
Field of View: 13°x13°
Outline Dimensions: 10,2mmx70mmx65,8mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: User Manual


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