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Radar Sensor

IPM-170 / IPM-365

Product family: Low Cost K-Band Transceiver
Applications: Door openers, security applications and industrial applications
Functions: Movement, Velocity
Approvals: available on request
ESD info: This InnoSenT sensor is sensitive to damage from ESD. Normal precautions as usually applied to CMOS devices are sufficient when handling the device. Touching the signal output pins has to be avoided at any time before soldering or plugging the device into a motherboard.
The IPM-170 has a rotation-symmetric antenna pattern that makes the sensor the perfect choice for ceiling mounting. The IPM-365 sets a standard in the field of intrusion alarm and low-cost door openers.


  • radar-based motion detector working in the 24GHz - ISM - Band
  • available in different frequency ranges for worldwide use
  • advanced LCO-oscillator with low current consumption
  • split transmit and receive path for maximum gain
  • very compact outline dimensions


Martin Maidhof
Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division
Region: DACH, Europe (East)

Qi Fang
Director of Sales Asia Pacific Region
Industrial Business Division
Region: Asia Pacific

Simon Barber
Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division
Region: Europe (West), UK, Middle East | Office: UK

Anthony Bonarti
Key Account Management
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Region: Canada North, South America