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Product family: CW Doppler Radar
Applications: Speed Measurement, Motion Detection, Traffic Monitoring, Vehicle Counting, Traffic Signs, Enforcement, Section Control, Industrial Applications
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction

InnoSenT provides with the IPS-280 a long range radar solution for traffic applications. It detects moving objects, depending on the RCS, up to a distance of 400m. The 24GHz radar sensor focusses on speed measurement, but also identifies the movement direction. Our customers use the device for section control, speed enforcement, traffic statistics or monitoring and integration in digital traffic signs for velocity indication.

The IPS-280 features high sensitivity and is designed with advanced MMIC technology for best signal-to-noise performance. It is also equipped with a low noise amplifier to increase the SNR. The K-Band sensor outputs the corresponding information of the object data (intermediate frequency and movement direction) via analogue I/Q output. For solar power applications, InnoSenT equipped the IPS-280 with a shutdown mode: With this feature, the product can be used for intermittent operation.

Related Products: Increase functionality is offered by the IVS-282, which is another product variation. This device supports FSK and FMCW modulation to provide distance and presence information of detected objects.


  • High sensitivity radar detection for capturing the velocity of moving objects
  • Detection of objects (depending on the RCS) up to 400m
  • Features a low noise amplifier
  • Designed with advanced MMIC Technology for stable measurement
  • Provides I/Q output for movement direction
  • Shutdown mode for lower power consumption


Frequency: CW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity and direction of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 400m
Outline Dimensions: 10.2x70x65.8mm
Field of View: 9°x18°
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Materials: Data Sheet


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