Radar Sensor


Product family: CW-Doppler Radar Module
Applications: Building Technology and Industrial Application, Automation, Escalator Control, Motion Detection
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction
The K-Band Transceiver using CW Doppler radar modulation to detect moving objects within a detection range of typically 30m depending on its RCS (Radar Cross Section). It works in the 24GHz frequency band and can be used worldwide.
The IPS-354 is not only a motion detector, it also measures the speed of moving objects. The radar module uses dual-channel operation to extract direction of motion. The antenna uses a split transmitting and receiving path for to maximize sensitivity. An IF-amplifier is equipped to the IPS-354 to increase the signal level. Bandpass filters limit the bandwidth of the radar sensor to lower the noise for target applications. The IPS-354 is typically in use for industrial and building automation applications. It is often integrated in escalators to control and activate them by moving passengers.
InnoSenT also offers related products to the IPS-354: Additional distance and presence detection are supported by the FSK and FMCW Version IVS-362. The IPS-355 features a different field of view if required in the target application.


  • Mid-Range Motion Detector for industrial applications
  • Delivers Velocity of objects
  • Detection Range is typically 30m (depending on RCS)
  • Dual Channel Operation for identification of motion direction
  • Separation of transmit and Receive antenna for maximum gain
  • Equipped with IF-pre-amplifier for more intensive signals
  • Worldwide use possible due to stable frequency


Frequency: CW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity and direction of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 30m
Outline Dimensions: 8.3x44x30mm
Field of View: 45°x38°
Approvals: available on request


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