Radar Sensor


Product family: CW Doppler Radar
Applications: Velocity Measurement, Vehicle Counting, Speed Enforcement, Traffic Applications, Industrial Applications
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction
The IPS-937 is a CW Doppler Radar to detect moving vehicles in traffic applications. It is a 24 GHz Radar Front End, which measures speed and captures also the movement direction. The typical detection range for vehicles is 80m. InnoSenT developed the radar sensor especially for mid-range traffic applications. Nevertheless, it can also be operated in industrial applications where a higher detection range is necessary.
The traffic motion detector uses latest MMIC technology for a better noise performance. In order to increase the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR), it is equipped with a RF Low Noise Amplifier. The IPS-937 features a dual channel receiver (I/Q channel) to separate the movement direction. It operates with low power consumption for energy efficient applications. The K-Band radar sensor is available in different frequency ranges for worldwide usage. It is certified and approved according to FCC, RED and IC RSS.
Related Product: The IVS-947 is the FSK/FMCW version of the IPS-937. This enables to extract information on distance as well as presence detection.


  • Advanced MMIC Technology
  • I/Q channels for direction of motion discrimination
  • Available in different frequency ranges for worldwide use
  • Energy efficient operation
  • IF amplifier and RF LNA for high SNR
  • Vehicle Detection up to 80m


Frequency: CW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity, direction and counting of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 80m
Outline Dimensions: 9x61.6x37mm
Field of View: 33°x33° (3dB full beam width), 59°x61° (10dB full beam width)
Approvals: available on request


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