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Radar Sensor


Product family: K-Band VCO Transceiver
Applications: Home Automation, Traffic, Level Measurement, Security
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction, Distance, Presence
The IVS-167 is a FMCW/FSK capable K-Band Traceiver with a symetrical antenna pattern.


  • K-Band VCO Transceiver centred @24GHz
  • VCO Transceiver supports FSK & FMCW mode
  • Detection of stationary objects possible
  • Symmetrical antenna and narrow beam pattern for a focused Field of View
  • Stereo operation for better motion direction identification
  • Compact Outline dimensions


Frequency: VCO radar transceiver (FSK & FMCW mode) working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity, direction, presence, distance and counting of moving objects
Detection Range: max. 20m, typically up to 10m (depending on RCS)
Outline Dimensions: 11x75x75mm
Field of View: 11°x11°
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Materials: Data Sheet


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