Motion Detection Radar


Product family: VCO Radar Transceiver
Applications: Building Technology and Industrial Applications, Door Opener, Escalator Control, Motion Detection
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction, Presence, Distance
The IVS-362 is a mid-range radar sensor supporting FSK and FMCW modulation schemes. The K-band transceiver is operating at 24GHz. It detects presence and movement of objects within a detection range up to 30m depending on the RCS. It is possible to capture speed, direction and distance of moving and even stationary objects.
The IVS-362 comes with separate transmit and receive antennas, as well as an integrated IF-Pre-Amplifier to achieve maximum sensitivity. The product was developed for customers that wanted to upgrade their current system based on the IPS-354. It has the same outlines and field of view, this enables an easy exchange and offers more functionality to the end users. The IVS-362 is used for industrial and building technology applications like the automated control of doors or escalators. The additional information like speed, direction and distance increases the performance of the automation.
Another related product is the IPS-355, which is a CW version of this unit with a broader field of view.


  • Mid-Range Motion Sensor with velocity, direction and distance detection
  • VCO Transceiver for FMCW and FSK mode
  • Captures moving and stationary objects
  • Detection Range up to 30m
  • Separated transmit and receive antenna
  • Equipped with IF-pre-amplifier


Frequency: FSK/FMCW radar operating at 24GHz (ISM-band)
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity, direction, distance and presence of moving and stationary objects
Detection Range: up to 30m
Outline Dimensions: 8.3x44x30mm
Field of View: 45°x38°
Approvals: available on request


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