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Product family: VCO Radar Transceiver
Applications: Velocity Measurement, Vehicle Counting, Speed Enforcement, Traffic Applications, Industrial Applications
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction, Presence, Distance
The IVS-947 offers accurate motion detection for mid-range traffic applications. It is a VCO Transceiver, which enables the customer to switch between CW (continuous wave), FSK (frequency shift keying) and FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) mode. This enables the customer to extract information on velocity, direction of moving objects as well as it detects the presence and measures constantly the distance to stationary and moving objects. The K-Band sensor detects vehicles, typically up to 80m (depending on the radar cross section).
InnoSenT uses the latest MMIC technology in this product to achieve the best noise performance. It is also equipped with a RF Low Noise Amplifier and an IF Amplifier to improve the Signal-to-Noise Ratio. The product features a dual channel Receiver (I/Q channels) to differentiate the motion direction. The power consumption of the IVS-947 is reduced to enable energy efficient operation. The device can be operated worldwide. The design includes an RF prescaler to readback the current transmit frequency to stabilize CW signals or linearize frequency ramps. The 24 GHz Radar Front End is designed for speed measurement and vehicle counting, but can also be operated in industrial applications, where a larger field of view is necessary.
Related Product: The IPS-937 is the CW version with the same outlines and FOV.


  • Advanced MMIC Technology
  • VCO Transceiver supports CW/FSK/FMCW mode
  • I/Q channels for direction of motion discrimination
  • RF prescaler to readback transmitted frequency
  • Energy efficient operation
  • IF amplifier and RF LNA for high SNR
  • Vehicle Detection is typically up to 80m (depending on RCS)


Frequency: FMCW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: Radar front end without signal processing
Measurement: velocity, direction, presence, distance and counting of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 80m
Outline Dimensions: 9x61.6x37mm
Field of View: 33°x33° (3dB full beam width), 59°x61° (10dB full beam width)
Approvals: available on request


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