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  • SMT mountable motion detector (delivery on tape & reel) 
  • UART interface
  • detection of speed and direction (approaching - receding) of moving objects
  • low power consumption
  • extended temperature range -20°C up to +60°C
  • compact size - easy to integrate

With an outline of only 20mm x 15mm x 3mm the new SMR series RADAR sensors come in an ultra-compact design to ease integration even in the smallest space available. Not only are the SMR radars small, being an SMT device makes them extraordinary well suitable for high volume production. The units are available on tape & reel and can be handled in a standard SMT process along with all other board components like resistors, transistors and integrated circuits. No additional handwork is required. A low duty-cycle pulse mode is available to aid power consumption in low power applications.

The series currently comprises 3 CW (fixed frequency) types with different antenna characteristics. In addition to the option of simple motion detection, with a corresponding evaluation, it is also possible to determine from the returned data the speed information and direction of movement to the detected object. A clear advantage over PIR technology.

If the distance in the application is also interesting, in addition to motion, speed and direction of movement, the three modules are also offered as VCO variants, which deliver an additional value for distance to the object when the relevant control is used. The SMR series thus offers a currently unique combination of high functionality, low power consumption and very easy installation - all at a fair market price.

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