Joint effort: InnoSenT employees select Station Regenbogen for donation

InnoSenT donates 3,000 euros to Station Regenbogen to support children with leukaemia and tumours

Robert Mock hands over a donation check to Rainbow Station

Managing director of InnoSenT GmbH, Robert Mock, hands over the donation to board member Monika Demmich of the parent initiative Rainbow for children with leukemia and tumors in Würzburg e.V.

Donnersdorf (Germany), 11.01.2024. The annual Christmas donation from the radar sensor specialist is supporting Station Regenbogen – a regional charitable association - this year. This was decided by the company's employees in a vote. CEO Robert Mock presented the donation with great thanks for the work of the parents' initiative.

With deep admiration and respect, the InnoSenT team presented a donation of 3,000 euros to Station Regenbogen. The organization cares wholeheartedly for children with leukaemia and tumours and their families in and around Würzburg. This year's donation recipient was selected by an internal company vote.

Every year, InnoSenT conducts a survey among its employees to identify projects worthy of support and decide on a donation recipient. This year, Station Regenbogen received this recognition with an overwhelming majority of 45% of all votes cast.

Robert Mock, CEO of InnoSenT GmbH, says: "Station Regenbogen devotes itself to the challenges faced by children with leukemia and tumors and their families with extraordinary dedication and sensitivity."

He went to the parents' initiative in Würzburg to hand over the donation. There, the donation was accepted with great gratitude by board member Monika Demmich.

"We are deeply moved by the important work that Station Regenbogen does. Our donation is a modest contribution compared to the tireless work that this organization does every day," emphasizes Robert Mock.

Station Regenbogen has long been a mainstay of support for families facing the challenges of leukemia and tumor diseases. InnoSenT's donation will help to continue the life-changing work of Station Regenbogen and provide comfort and support to affected children and their families.


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