Teamwork with sights set on innovation

InnoSenT’s Product Management team is expanding to include a new employee.

InnoSenT Product Management

Team completed: InnoSenTs Product Management Department. On the Picture from left to right: Dipl. Ing. Cyrus Nabavinegad (Product Owner), Eduard Geier (Product Owner) and Dr. Eva Buchkremer (Head of Product Management). (Picture Source: InnoSenT GmbH)

Donnersdorf, 14/09/2021. InnoSenT is further expanding its Product Management department and thereby fostering innovation and the further development of the company’s product portfolio. Eduard Geier is new to the team and has been supporting the department of the radar equipment company since 01/06/2021. The Product Management team has thus grown to include three staff members.


Product management at InnoSenT

In 2018, the company established its Product Management department to create a new special link between Development and the market. The team’s focus is on accessing new markets and product innovations. They carry out market research and assume the role of mediators, helping to reconcile customers’ requirements with technical development.

Dr Eva Maria Buchkremer, Head of Product Management, has been in charge of the team and strategic planning of the department and product portfolio from the very beginning. She is the contact person for current innovation projects and advances development of the product portfolio. She works in close cooperation with the radar experts on the requirement specifications for new sensors and systems and develops future product strategies in step with technological progress and market interests. She monitors development processes and brings product projects to fruition through her goal-oriented approach.

At the end of 2020, qualified engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and technology expert Cyrus Nabavinegad switched from the Industrial Radar Development department to Product Management. He was previously involved in the creation and application of new products in his role as software developer and project manager. In Product Management, he has taken on the role of product owner and is thus an important link between the radar specialists in the Development department and Product Management. Drawing on his professional experience, he reconciles the radar developers’ perspective with customers’ needs and guides the improvement and innovation processes.

Our new employee, Eduard Geier, has joined our ranks as a product owner. He supports Technical Product Management and coordinates product development projects. After his studies as an engineer, he acquired experience in the field of microtechnology and was responsible for product application at customers’ premises. This helps him create requirement profiles and implement customer requirements in product development.


By expanding its Product Management, InnoSenT is laying the foundation for the company’s future as a driver of innovation in the sector. Across many industrial sectors, radar technology is proving the great potential that can be achieved through systematic analysis of the markets and further development of sensor technology. The company is opening up to new ideas and challenges in order to successfully equip radar for and make it available to new applications. The Product Management team would be delighted to receive suggestions for future projects in the field of innovative sensor technology. InnoSenT welcomes the opportunity to fully harness the possibilities radar technology presents in cooperation with customers and partners and to make everyday life smart, convenient, and safer together with new technological solutions.