New motion sensor impresses with its design and functionality

InnoSenT has developed a compact radar sensor for the optimising simple motion detectors.

IMD-2000 radar sensor (©InnoSenT GmbH)

Radio Detection with ranging: The new IMD-2000 radar sensor from InnoSenT for efficient motion detection. (Picture: InnoSenT GmbH)

Donnersdorf (Germany) 28/01/2020.InnoSenT GmbH is launching a new radar solution for motion detection. The IMD-2000 reliably detects the movements of persons and objects and thus enables automatic control, as required, for industrial applications. For the first time, the motion detector provides both speed and distance information. This is an important modification to the motion detector’s function, as it makes it easier to tailor the detection function to the specific application.

The radar system operates in the 24 GHz frequency band, thus enabling worldwide certification and use. By means of FSK modulation, the sensor determines the speed, direction of movement (coming or going), and distance of moving objects or persons. The product also provides additional data such as ETA (estimated time of arrival) and signal strength. The IMD-2000 outputs this information in the form of a target list via a UART interface.

The motion detection has a maximum range of 50 metres. People are typically detected up to a range of 15 m.

 Users can limit this, if necessary, in order to optimally adjust the detection range to their application by software configuration. The system reliably detects even slow-moving objects. It measures speeds ranging from 0.23 to 28 km/h. Depending on the positioning, the sensor’s field of view is 48° (vertical) or 98° (horizontal) in elevation and azimuth.

InnoSenT placed great emphasis on designing the product to be as flat and small as possible. This enables the radar component to also be placed in existing products, covers, or housings with little space with no need for further redesign work. Boasting compact dimensions of 25 x 20 x 12,2 mm, the sensor fits optimally into the customer’s individual design concept. Since the system is compatible with a temperature range of -30 to 80 °C and thanks to its insensitivity to poor lighting or weather conditions, the product is well-suited for indoor and outdoor use.

The radar experts developed the system for the contactless control of simple motion detector applications. It is designed for use in building and safety equipment, access control, or ticket machines.

Compared to previous sensor solutions from the radar technology company, this new product impresses with additional functionality for a low price. For the first time, InnoSenT is offering the market a motion detector in the low-cost product range which detects not only persons’ and objects’ speed and signal strength but also their distance.

The extended radar information provides customers with more customisation options. It specifically defines what radar detections are relevant to its application. There is an evaluation kit with a software GUI available for configuring the system. The IMD-2000 also has an internal signal-processing unit which allows customers to easily integrate it without the need for radar expertise.

These product features and technical optimizations result in more efficient application performance. For example, customers can individually limit the detection range, signal strength, and speed range in order to optimally configure the system for their application.

A typical example is a motion detector which acts as a trigger for an alarm system and reduces the false alarm rate from vehicles driving outside the property and bushes moving in the wind through the distance information.

The IMD-2000 is the second product of a new series of motion detection systems at InnoSenT. The abbreviation IMD stands for ‘InnoSenT Motion Detector’. The products feature an advanced system level. They have integrated signal analysis and standardised interfaces. This enables them to be commissioned and configured with ease.

Further information and technical product data can be found on the company website of InnoSenT GmbH.


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