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  • How you reduce alarm rate in your security system?

    Combine your CCTV system with our RADARtechnology!

  • RADARtechnology for your touch free Home-Automation-Application

    • Radarsensors can be integrated invisible behind a wide range of materials
    • Detection principle is independent of environment
  • RADARtechnology for your Security Application

    • Touchfree security
    • Detection from a variety of distances possible
  • InnoSenT:  
    to RADAR



Our customers profit from a high innovation speed in terms of product and system solutions, and from the cost efficiency achieved in the production of large volumes of radar sensors and radar systems.

What we offer

Leading Radar Systems and Frontends

What you can count on

Experience and Reliability in Radartechnology

Radarsensor and -system for high quality requirements: InnoSenT developed, produced and marketed radar sensors for our national and international B2B customers since 1999.

InnoSenT is the qualified and innovative contact partner for radar technology in the sector and belongs to the market leaders in the automotive and industrial sectors worldwide. In addition to the series production of radar standard components, we are chiefly geared to the development and production of customer-specific solutions. Our radar sensors determine distance, speed and angles of moving or stationary objects, including people, using electromagnetic waves touch-free and independent of environmental influences.

Development, design, production and service – Made in Germany. InnoSenT is not only a mass producer of radar technology, it is also a technology driver in the sector.

  • Innovative radar systems and radar sensors
  • Complete process chain from development through after-sales-services
  • High-performance development department
  • High production capacity, flexible processes
  • Certified quality

What we have reached so far

Key Facts




3.5 Mio
  Radarsensors in 2016



24 – 81 GHz