The future relies on intelligent technologies for more convenience and security. That’s why innovative radar technology is more popular than ever. For years, radar technology has been employing automation and smart solutions, mostly inconspicuously, to enhance everyday life. The possible uses of RADAR applications are diverse and undergoing continuous development. Since 1999, InnoSenT GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality radar sensors and is considered a technological powerhouse in the industry. InnoSenT is one of the leading radar technology companies worldwide and impresses international B2B customers with their expert status, high-speed innovation, and high quality. Alongside clever, industrial radar applications, the future-oriented company develops driver assistance systems for the automotive sector and offers years of expertise as an EMS service provider.


Your advantage – Our RADAR

  • Weather independence
  • Not sensitive to temperature or light
  • High range and configurable coverage areas
  • Compact designs
  • Precise measurement accuracy
  • Smart filter functions
  • Passes through plastics and other materials

Guaranteed satisfaction

  • Reliable & mature technology
  • Precise engineering know-how
  • Years of expertise
  • Certified quality
  • Efficient production
  • Market-compliant prices
  • Flexibility & customer-specific solutions

Engineering means progress

InnoSenT’s strong focus on progress, innovation and quality ensures the ongoing success of the company and its expert status. Boasting a manpower of 170 employees, InnoSenT demonstrates motivation in tackling the challenges of business customers from different sectors. Despite its clear orientation as a B2B company, the powerful development team focuses on benefits for end customers when implementing radar solutions. InnoSenT has thus developed numerous clever radar applications in the fields of security, smart home, traffic, level measurement, collision avoidance or automotive, which provide additional convenience and protection in everyday life and in the direct environment. In addition to the series production of standard radar components, InnoSenT, as a service-oriented company, also creates customer-specific solutions.


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