Motion detector nominated for security product competition

The IMD-2000 Radar sensor is in the finals of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022.

Donnersdorf (Germany), 14/06/2021. InnoSenTs` new product IMD-2000 qualified for the final round of the in-demand security industry product competition, the GIT SECURITY AWARD. The motion detector is assigned to category D „Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection“ and now has to compete with 14 other security solutions in a voting process. The decisive online voting in order to identify the winners started on June 1st, 2021.


Motion detection with distance measurement

At the beginning of the year, the radar technology company launched the IMD-2000, a new 24GHz radar solution for motion detection. Despite its small size, the product offers more functionality than conventional motion sensors available on the market.

It not only detects movements, the sensor also provides distance information about detected people or objects. This is an important advantage for security solutions, because with additional distance measurement, the performance of the application can be optimized: Users limit the range of the sensor or filter out far-off objects. Thus, false alarms caused by movements on the neighboring property or vehicles passing on the adjacent street can be avoided.

The IMD-2000 also determines other object information such as the speed, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and the direction of movement. The measurement of the RCS (signal strength) value enables the user to filter out small animals or other irrelevant movements.

With a typical detection range of 15 meters for people recognition and an individually adjustable range (maximum 50 m), the radar sensor is ideally suited for security applications like alarm and surveillance systems for intruder detection.

InnoSenT set value on an uncomplicated configuration and integration, which makes the use of radar as easy and user-friendly as possible. Compared to previous motion detectors, the IMD-2000 offers a better performance and offers extensive functionality within its price category for the first time.



The annual prize ceremony, the GIT SECURITY AWARD rewards new security solutions for their innovative value and stand-out market benefit. A jury of experts, consisting of members of the industry associations BHE (German Federal Association for Security Technology), TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection), VDMA (German Association for Mechanical and Plant Engineering), ZVEI (German Central Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry) as well as System Integrators and Users, makes a preselection from all registered participants and nominates them for the final. With a following public online voting for the Winner Determination, interested person can decide on the finalists in a total of 6 categories. The competition is a co-operation between, the magazines GIT SICHERHEIT and GIT SECURITY and Wiley-VCH publishing house. From June 1st, 2021 to August 23rd, 2021 you can vote for your favorites in each category.


InnoSenT GmbH is looking forward to and appreciates your vote for the IMD-2000 radar sensor and thanks you for your support in advance. Please click here for the online voting:



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