New motion detector: IMD-1100 – possibly the smallest of its kind.

InnoSenT is expanding its IMD series to include a new 24 GHz radar front end in low-cost segment.


A new product for the IMD series: The Radar Front End IMD-1100 is the smallest sensor from InnoSenT. (Picture Source: InnoSenT GmbH)

Donnersdorf, 07/10/2021. InnoSenT GmbH has developed a new sensor for detecting movements. In its development, the radar equipment company aimed to expand the availability of radar in the low-price segment by offering an extremely low-cost product solution. With the IMD-1100, InnoSenT is raising the bar: It’s the smallest and cheapest standard product developed by the radar experts so far.


Small-size motion detector

The newest member of the InnoSenT Motion Detection series, the IMD-1100, is a K band radar for typical motion-controlled applications in the field of building automation and security technology. In addition to motion detection, the sensor with CW modulation also enables the speed of moving objects or persons to be detected. The integrated I/Q signalling method also enables directions to be detected.

The antenna design boasts a detection range of 72° x 36° (field of view) and a typical range for the detection of people of up to 15 meters. With dimensions of just 20 x 15 x 2.7 mm, the IMD-1100 is impressively small despite its array of functions and range. It’s thus easy to install in small spaces and behind plastic covers or to integrate it into existing infrastructures.

While the IMD-3000 and IMD-2000 series sensors have digital signal-processing units, the new product is an analogue front end. Customers can customise the processing and analysis of the measurable parameters of the radar component individually to fit their application requirements or set restrictions.


IMD-1100 is stirring things up with the competition

Radar-based motion detectors compete with low-cost passive infrared sensors. And despite radar’s technological advantages, the low price of simple motion detection is the deciding criterion in high-volume markets. With InnoSenT’s new product, PIR has an additional competitor: The IMD-1100 offers compelling performance and more functions for a comparable price.

Thanks to the similar product specifications and target application, the IMD-1100 is also an option for previous users of 10 GHz radar applications: As a 24 GHz radar, the front end boasts better speed resolution and doesn’t require any further product variants or certification for worldwide use due to its use of a standardised frequency band.


“The IMD-1100 is possibly the most compact 24 GHz radar with this function and range currently available as far as we know. It is the smallest and cheapest product in the InnoSenT portfolio", said Dr Eva Buchkremer, adding: “This makes it a competitive alternative to PIR sensors and 10 GHz radar in the low-cost segment. This is the first time a radar-based motion detector is available in high quality at this price. There is enormous potential for applications.”


High-volume production at a low price

Motion sensors can be found almost everywhere in everyday life. Their practical function provides us with greater convenience, hygiene benefits, and security, while saving energy. Burglar alarm equipment, automatic lighting, door openers, sanitary facilities, and smart home devices benefit from motion detection. This means the sensors used must be available in large quantities.

The IMD-1100 is well-suited for large-scale use. The product is suitable for pick-&-place production and comes individually packaged as bulk material that can be stored in a compact space. As usual, InnoSenT offers high quality at a low price, without forgoing extensive tests and checks in production, so customers receive 100 percent end-of-line tested sensors in the low-budget segment.


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