EuroPAT-MASIP project completion

EU funding project for advanced packaging technologies successfully completed.

Donnersdorf, 21/07/2021. Capping off 51 months of interdisciplinary cooperation, the EuroPAT-MASIP research project was successfully completed in June 2021. A total of 28 network partners from 9 European countries worked together for more than four years to develop innovative semiconductor packaging and assembly technologies to enable cheaper and reliable manufacturing processes.


In the course of the ongoing automation and digitisation of industrial manufacturing processes, the technology faces several challenges in the development of complex electronic systems. The aim is for production to be increasingly efficient, energy-saving, and cost-effective without sacrificing quality. At the same time, multifunctional systems are forced to process more and more data and integrate new technologies. In order to find future-proof solutions for the users’ industries that boost the competitiveness of Europe, funding programs such as EuroPAT-MASIP are laying the foundation through cooperation and information exchange.

The project name is an abbreviation of ‘European Packaging, Assembly and Test Pilot for Manufacturing of Advanced System-in-Package’. The project is part of the ECSEL (Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership) initiative by the European Commission meant to bolster competencies and innovation in microelectronics and digitisation. The project volume totalled 29.7 million euros.


EuroPAT-MASIP networked various partners from industry and research, providing a platform for innovation. The project focused on establishing new methods and products for packaging, assembly, and testing electronic systems.

This included creating a 60 GHz radar system with a newly developed, high-frequency chip for this purpose.  The highly integrated system boasts new functions, such as object classification and simultaneous detection of speed and direction of movement. To achieve this, it combines analogue and digital components and utilises advanced signal processing. For the new chip, a high-frequency-compatible package was developed, which can be produced in high and medium-sized quantities in Europe at low cost. This is an important factor in making the useful sensor technology available to the market.


As an application demonstrator, InnoSenT GmbH developed an innovative 60 GHz radar sensor for the project, thus lending its many years of expertise in radar development. Together with the various project partners, they combined the complex chip and the radar component, improving the functionality and product design and yielding efficient production processes. The new radar system is designed to prevent collisions of vehicles in the future, for example during transport in factory halls or in the outdoor area. In addition, it can be used as an intelligent door-opening system in factories.


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